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May 02, 2022 3 Minute Read

Hoseki Announces Pre-Launch Collaboration With Bitcoin Lending Firm Ledn

Hoseki Ledn Logo
  • Hoseki team up with bitcoin lending firm Ledn for easy proof of asset documentation.
  • Hoseki’s public launch is scheduled for early Q3 2022.

Hoseki, the world’s first bitcoin-native asset attestation service, is thrilled to announce its pre-launch relationship with Ledn, the global bitcoin credit and savings firm with clients in 127 countries. The two teams will provide the bitcoin industry’s most advanced lending and proof of assets services for retail bitcoin investors, similar to proof of reserves for custodians.

Hoseki started in 2021 with the singular mission of providing digital asset attestation services to bitcoin investors. Hoseki is preparing its alpha product launch for summer 2022. Ahead of the launch, traditional financial service providers and some of the Bitcoin industry’s leading financial startups, including Ledn, have approached Hoseki to use its asset ownership documentation.

Ledn’s collaboration with Hoseki comes less than four months after the Canada-based lending firm secured $70 million in a Series B funding raise. Assets on the Ledn platform have exceeded $1.7 billion, and the company’s new Bitcoin Mortgage product has generated over $2 billion worth of interest.

Hoseki users can seamlessly submit standardized proof of asset documentation to Ledn through the Hoseki dashboard where users manage their hardware wallet and exchange account information. In the Hoseki app, a lenders tab will educate prospective borrowers on steps to proving asset ownership and originate a bitcoin-backed loan through Ledn.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Hoseki team as they build a crucial piece of financial infrastructure for the bitcoin economy,” said Adam Reeds, CEO of Ledn. “Easy and standardized asset ownership documentation for all bitcoin investors can accelerate the volume of loan originations and broader maturity of the digital asset market by leaps and bounds.”

“The Ledn team built a world-class financial services firm for the bitcoin economy. Our entire team is excited to name them as our first lending integration for building bitcoin-native financial plumbing,” said Sam Abbassi, CEO of Hoseki. “Hoseki’s proof of asset documentation will be essential for borrowers to work with teams like Ledn as the bitcoin economy continues to grow and mature.”

Hoseki plans to launch a private alpha version of its product with the Ledn integration to a small group of users this summer 2022 with a public launch scheduled for Q3 2022. Bitcoin investors interested in testing the Hoseki alpha product can visit to get early access.

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