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A Bitcoin powered world

Hoseki is building towards a world where Bitcoin is the global standard for money, and proving reserves is secure and easy.

Hoseki means stable finances for everyone.

Whether you lack access to traditional financial plumbing, or whether proof of Bitcoin is needed for admission to your citadel - our platform gives users a friendly way to accomplish disclosure.

Hoseki was created because we sensed a need in the market that wasn't being met. It's our goal to bridge the gap between Bitcoin investors and traditional lending institutions.

A recent study by Grayscale Investments revealed that 26% of US households surveyed owned Bitcoin as of December 2021. This is up from the 23% of households in the United States that held Bitcoin in 2020.

But with traditional lenders still not acknowledging Bitcoin, many investors who are Bitcoin rich but fiat poor have been left with limited options when it comes to traditional fiat loans, making it difficult for them to be approved for mortgages and opening new lines of credit amongst other issues.

Hoseki seeks to advocate for these individuals and open up fair and equal lending options for anyone who can provide proof-of-ownership of sufficient funds.

Our principles

Users First

The user is the most important person in our minds. The user, their needs, and preferences always takes priority.

Privacy First

We understand the sensitive nature of the information that is being shared with us. Everything and anything done at Hoseki is assessed and decided from the lens of privacy and security first.

Bitcoin First

Bitcoin is hope. We are here to further and extend that hope. We are humble engineers and product designers that build in service of Bitcoin. We want a fairer, more just world, and Bitcoin is how we get there.

Global First

We believe in a world of equal opportunity. We recognize the jurisdictionless nature of Bitcoin and the jurisdictionless nature of hope and prosperity - we think of the world when we build.

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