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Prove you have Bitcoin for

Traditional lenders all want one thing: Proof-of-Funds.

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What is the problem?

Mortgage keys

You want to get a mortgage or a loan

Getting a loan for a mortgage or applying for credit can be a pain when a lot of your wealth is in Bitcoin.

Confused banker

The bank doesn't know what a ledger or trezor is

The bleeding edge technology of being your own bank hasn't hit the bankers yet.

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Rejected man

You're left a suboptimal deal

They treat you like you're not creditworthy.

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You can't get a mortgage because the bank isn't happy with your bank account

You can't open new lines of credit because lenders don't trust you

You don't have the capital on hand to engage in investment opportunities

You've found yourself in a situation where you need to formally notarize Bitcoin ownership.

Bitcoin rich, Fiat poor?

Hoseki fixes this

Hoseki is an app that lets users add their Bitcoin accounts in a way that proves their ownership, but doesn't give us custody over the funds.


Connect your wallet and Bitcoin investment accounts

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Track your investments

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Generate your certificate of ownership

Report export

Prove you have money in Bitcoin.

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